Application of acrylic on carbon structure

Application of veneers or complete elements on DentalCarbonDisk™ with acrylic systems
  • Surface treatment of the DentalCarbonDisk™ structure – Sandblasting (A1203, 2 bars, 50 1Jm)

  • Application of fixing primer. Apply Metal Primer (any brand)

  • Opaque application- Opaque photo or auto compatible with acrylic (any brand)

  • Acrylic veneer – sandblast interiors at 2 atm.

  • Application of the acrylic veneer using a pressure curing unit. Ivomat (Ivoclar or similar)

  • Finishing and sanding – Drills with tungsten tip, silicone rubber, sandpaper and polish with pumice paste and universal sanding paste.

Application of zirconium on carbon structure

Application of veneers on DentalCarbonDisk™ with zirconia milled crowns
  • Surface treatment of individual zirconia crowns – Sandblasting (A1203, 1 bar,120 I Jm)

  • Surface treatment of DentalCarbonDisk™ structure – Sandblasting (A1203, 2 bars, 50 1Jm)

  • Application of the fixing primer. Apply Metal Primer (any brand) on DentalCarbonDiskTM, Primer for zirconia (any brand) on zirconia.

  • Application of opaque – Matt polymerized photo (any brand)

  • Application of cement for dental use – Dual cement (any brand)..

  • Insertion of zirconia crowns on the DentalCarbonDisk™ structure

  • Final polymerization and sanding – Rubber sanding tools for ceramics and diamond sanding paste. Everyone can use what they usually use for finishing and polishing zirconia.

IMPORTANT: We recommend, after the application of the opaque and before the milling of zirconia, to carry out a scan to better evaluate the thickness of the opaque and the interior space of the crowns.

Application of composite on carbon structure

Application of veneers or complete elements on DentalCarbonDisk™ with composite systems
  • Surface treatment of the structure DentalCarbonDisk™- Sandblasting (AJ203, 2 bar, 50 1-1m)

  • Application of fixing primer – use metal primer (any brand) on carbon

  • Application of the photo-polymerizable opaque (any brand)

  • Application of the veneer or composite element. To apply the composite veneers on DentalCarbonDisk™ you have to sand the inside of the veneers at 2 atm then clean the inside of the veneer with alcohol then use any brand of dual cement.

  • Final polymerization and polishing – Rubber polishing tools for ceramic and diamond polishing paste. Use all usual products that the customer uses for composite finishing and polishing.

Application of silicate on carbon structure

Silicate cementing protocol (complete elements) on DentalCarbonDisk™
  • Sand carbon at 2 atm and clean with pure alcohol.

  • Place photo curable opaque (any brand) after using metal primer (any brand) on carbon.

  • After a sandblasting of 1 atm inside the crown, steam clean the inside and apply a silano-based primer (any brand)

  • Cement with a dual cement (any brand)

IMPORTANT: If the aesthetic crowns, of any material, are produced with CAD/CAM milling it is important that the scanning of the substructure is done after putting the opaque, otherwise the crowns will not enter the stumps

Dental Carbon Disk datasheet

Safety information

When processing the DentalCarbonDisk™ dental disc, the following safety precautions should be taken:

  • Dust mask or dust extraction unit

  • Personal protective equipment (eye protection, gloves)

Storage information

DentalCarbonDisk™ should be stored in a dry place, avoiding exposure to direct sunlight. Due to the stability of the materials that make up DentalCarbonDisk™ (including carbon fibre) the disc can be stored for a long period of time (10 years of non-use). The operating temperature is in a range between cryogenic values and a maximum value of 180 °C. Therefore, the operating temperature range for the DentalCarbonDisk™ dental disc includes any ambient temperature and any humidity value.

More information

For more information, write to the following e-mail address:

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